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Get in touch

With upwards of 350 students a week, we're busy bees. We try to get back to everyone within two business days.

You can email or use the form below (it all goes to the same place).

Ring ring

Email is always the best place to reach us. We're available for calls during regular business hours (unless we're teaching, or up to our elbows in clay, which happily, is quite often).

Please only call outside of these hours in an urgent emergency. (If you're late for a class, no worries, just get to us as soon as you can, and we can't hurry up a courier, even though we so wish we could).

0449 819 336

In the case of urgent emergencies (sky falling down, kilns on fire, roo's loose in the top paddock).

Bea 0404 282 616
Jess 0449 823 202
Hannah 0414 787 292