Clay Sydney Ceramics Internship

As part of our commitment to making the ceramics field as accessible as possible, we're facilitate a 12 week internship program, open to anyone with the drive to learn.

This program will run in 12 week intervals, one day a week, under direct supervision from our technicians and management team. 

In these 12 weeks, interns will rotate through all aspects of the Clay Sydney business.

This program will be available to anyone who is willing to learn. It can count as hours towards compulsory internship programs for university students, but anyone who is interested is able to apply. 

On application you will be asked to attend an interview. This interview process is to understand what the participant wants to gain from the internship program, as well as setting the expectations we will have of you. This program is designed to be mutually beneficial to both the intern and Clay Sydney.

The program commences the week of 15th April, 1 day a week, 10-3pm, for 12 weeks. Each intake may have up to 8 interns. 

As part of your internship, you will be provided with a workbook so that you can journal what you’ve experienced, and know what to expect week by week.  

Additionally, for your 12 week internship you will have access to the communal areas of the studios to practice your own work, and member rates for firing. 

We want to reiterate that you don't have to be studying ceramics, however a knowledge of the ceramic process is highly advantageous. This internship does not teach you the practice of ceramics, instead it is designed to teach you the process of ceramics. In other words you’re going to learn how a business in ceramics works, not how to create the ceramics themselves. 

How to apply

Simply shoot a short email to Lihnida, our wonderful Membership Coordinator with a brief run-down of your educational and work experience. We’d also like to know why you’re interested in an internship. We need your phone number so we can contact you!

Learning over 12 Weeks

3 Days in Enmore Handbuilding and Glaze Studio

3 Days in Enmore Handbuilding and Glaze Studio

Kiln packing and maintenance, 
Glaze production,
Studio maintenance.