Firing services

Firing services

If you have a Clay at Home kit, you need to take your finished work to our Victoria Road Studio, 146 Victoria Road, Marrickville.

Find out how to get your kit fired, including opening hours and instructions.

Firing services for potters:

Kiln Membership:

Available across both Enmore and Marrickville studios.

Anyone who wants to make use of our kilns and firing services externally will need to become a 'Kiln Member'.

This is an annual membership fee of $50. Your details will be kept on file so we can contact you with updates on when your pieces have been fired as well as any other information regarding firings.

The costs for firings will be:

$25 per kg, $130 half kiln and $260 full kiln.

Your pieces will be weighed/ judged by a technician on site and the price will be told prior to firing.

Both bisque and glaze firings are the same price and are charged singularly.

Please contact on how to become a member!