Clay at Home

A clay kit, made by potters, for potters!

To keep it simple we've two types of kits - one which lets you jump in to a one off session, and another to set up your very own home studio. Either way they're going to slingshot you into a pottery obsession!

And, unlike other 'clay' kits out there, our kits includes 100% real Australian Clay - none of that fake air drying business. Whatever you make will be 100% functional and fabulous!


Is this REAL Clay or Air-drying 'clay'?

All of our kits include 100% REAL Australian Clay - not what's marketed as 'air-drying clay'.

We've seen a lot of kits out there using air-drying clay to create all sorts of vessels - like mugs, planters or vases. Unfortunately, vessels made with these kits are purely decorative. If you add water, they just melt. All that work and you can't even have a cuppa from your creation!

It's also often not clear what these clays include, but generally it's some polymer base (a plastic glue) with a bunch of other junk added in for texture and colour. It's not clay, and it doesn't behave like clay. It's tricky to work with and dries out quickly.

Our clay is the only type of clay that you can fire in a kiln to create durable, useable pottery.

That being said, if you want to create a sculptural piece, then you don't have to use a kiln. It will just sit happily on a shelf!

How does it work?

STEP 1: Choose your kit

Pick the kit you'd like to try and we’ll courier it to with your clay and tools with fabulous step-by-step video you can watch as many times as you like.

STEP 2. Make at home

Set yourself up at home, tune in and have a blast. Make sure you check out our instructional booklet for helpful tips :) or, if you've our Studio Starter Kit, watch our helpful videos in the Online Portal

STEP 3. Drop off

Drop off your kit at your local studio to be fired. Details are included on the back of the included handy handbook!

When will my clay at home kit arrive?

Here’s our best current ESTIMATES of when stuff will arrive:

Sydney Metro 2-5 days
Greater Sydney, regional hubs and Larger interstate cities 3-6 days
NSW regional 3-10 days
Regional other 5-10 days

We do not, and cannot, guarantee any delivery times at the mo. For this reason, we do not offer refunds if your package doesn't arrive in time for the event you had in mind. Once the package leaves us, there’s not much we can do to speed it up, although we love you’re super excited for some clay-goodness.

Once your order is made, we cannot change the order or update your mailing address. Please make sure mailing address is correct prior to purchase.

When will I get my access link to the clay at home portal?

Instructions on how to access the Clay at Home online portal for Studio Starter Kits, can be found on your welcome email. If you've the single Kit, you don't have access to the portal.

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