Welcome to the Online Introduction to Handbuilding!

How does this class work?

On this page we’ll have four videos. The first, Clay 101, is your first port of call. It explains the basics of clay, what’s in your kit, and how we’re going to work together. After you’ve watched 101, head to the technique videos. Each week we cover a different technique, and the following week, have a LIVE HANG to chat about what’s what. You’ll be emailed a Zoom link on the day of your live hang. Don’t worry if you can’t make it, it will all be recorded. In this session, you’ll show the rest of the group your work, and we’ll talk through tips and tricks. After you’ve seen and worked on the 3 techniques, you can embark on your own major project with the remainder of your bag!

The techniques change each week, and the week you start the course on may not be the top video, so check the date under each technique title to see which one you’re supposed to be working on that week. This means you’ll be on the same page as everyone else in the live hang.

After lockdown we’ll have a glazing party and get everything fired.

Your tutor is Lihnida (Lik-nee-dah) and she’s a blast! If you have any questions as you go along, you can email hello@claysydney.com and we’ll help you out as best we can.

You may also find these PDF’s helpful. We’ve the curriculum from our 6 week in-studio course, that we’ve tweaked for an online format. We’ve also the one page “I stuffed it” cheat sheet that we give to all our Clay at Home students.

Clay 101

Pinch pots


Slab work

Underglaze palettes